GoboLinux Knowledge Base

Welcome !

Hello and welcome to the official documentation and wiki of the GoboLinux project!

GoboLinux is quite different from your usual linux distribution. Therefore to make your journey as enjoyable possible, you should carefully read and consult the documentation.

If you have just installed GoboLinux on your PC, make sure to check out the Known Issues and Fixes section first.

How to find your way around

You can start with the Overview section on the left. This should get you started.

The main Documentation section contains some further and advanced topics , but if you’re serious about your GoboLinux journey you should read this one, too!

The Howtos section holds articles to solve a specific problem and guides you through step-by-step. We rely heavily on the community contributions here. If you feel something important is not covered, feel encouraged to submit your contributions!

The Commands section is a list of GoboLinux specific commands and tooling, that will make your life with GoboLinux much easier. They are what makes GoboLinux so enjoyable and are very much in the spirit of: „Do One Thing and Do It Well!”.

Couldn’t find what you were looking for?

GoboLinux is a very broad project, that has its roots back to almighty 2002! Thus you might find outdated or even missing documentation… but do not despair!!

Our community is here to help you out. If you have read the documentation but still require further assistance, reach out to us on:

Please be patient, we are a small community but we do make an effort to help everybody out.


We rely heavily on community contributions for our wiki! Therefore if you find the documentation lacking or even erroneous we depend on your contribution!

You will find the wiki’s source code along with its contents living in a dedicated repository on Github!

Please refer the to README there to find yourself around, or file an issue! 😀