Running under HyperV

When running the GoboLinux 016.01 live ISO through Hyper-V, you will notice that startx does not start correctly by default. You can fix this by adding a kernel boot parameter and creating an Xorg configuration file.

Edit /System/Kernel/Boot/grub/grub.cfg and find the kernel boot line. Change video=vesafb:off to video=hyperv_fb:1024x768 and save it. You may wish to try this part in advance first, without saving it; in that case, press e at the Grub menu, make this same edit, and press Ctrl-X to boot once only with the new command line.

Run X -configure. It will generate a file Edit this file, and change vesa to fbdev. Move the file to /etc/X11/xorg.conf.

Reboot. startx will now work normally.