Updating packages


Use the UpdateRecipes command to refresh your local cache of the GoboLinux recipe store.

You can query available updates using the utilities SuggestUpdates and SuggestDuplicates. The output of each of these commands is suitable for piping into commands.

The FindPackage and GetAvailable commands may also be useful.

Example Update Process

Keep in mind that most operations that change the file-system state in Gobo require super user privileges:

Ensure that Scripts are up to date

cd /Programs/Scripts/Current
sudo git pull && sudo UpdateSettings --auto Scripts && sudo make

Ensure that Compile is up to date

cd /Programs/Compile/Current
sudo git pull && sudo UpdateSettings --auto Compile

UpdateRecipes - Update local copy of recipe store

cd /Data/Compile/Recipes
sudo UpdateRecipes

SuggestUpdates - List packages with an update available

cd /Data/Compile/Recipes

Install updates

Currently, there is no way to update packages automatically. This used to be done with the Freshen script, which is currently not in working order.

Updates thus need to be installed manually via InstallPackage or Compile as appropriate.