Dependencies blacklist

Configuring Dependencies

Today there are many programs implementing a given feature in different ways. One such example is the OpenGL API, with implementations floating in packages such as Xorg, MesaLib and Nvidia. However, not every user owns a Nvidia card, and here comes a problem: how should one mask Nvidia from the automated Dependencies list generated after creating a recipe? This problem is now fixed with a configurable file called /Programs/Scripts/Settings/Scripts/Dependencies.blacklist.


This file allows one to specify packages that should not appear in the Dependencies file after creating a new recipe. Its format is pretty simple: one package per line, without the need to specify its version.

A Dependencies.blacklist example

The following example blacklists the packages Glibc and Nvidia. Comments and blank lines are ignored by the parser, so it’s ok to include them.

# Dependencies.blacklist is documented in detail at


Note: presently blacklisting specific versions is not supported, but the same behaviour can be achieved by creating an empty directory in the /Programs directory. For example, to blacklist GCC version 4.1.2 you may:

mkdir /Programs/GCC/4.1.2