Compiling from source


With Compile, GoboLinux build utility, software sources can be downloaded, compiled and installed in a single step. An example will follow next.

In order to install irssi, a text-based IRC client from the command line, you would type the following instruction:

Compile irssi

Depending on the speed of your computer, internet connection and what packages you have installed, Irssi should download and install in a few minutes.

Compile manages the build process using GoboLinux recipes. Each recipe contains a list of build directives and supplemental control files for compiling a particular software library.

Finding recipes

Typically, you can just try the name of the recipe you want from the command line. There is also an online recipe viewer, listing the most recently uploaded recipes first.

Command-line options

Compile has a number of command-line options, which are listed here. The following are especially useful.

When using the --batch or -b automatically attempts to process all dependencies of the requested program.

Separating download and compile phases

The next two options are useful when working with intermittent internet access, or if you’d like to run your compiling jobs at night when you’re asleep.

Calling Compile with the --no-build flag downloads sources only.

Later, in the event that you wish to use the --no-web flag, this will direct Compile to search to your system’s own download cache and build the sources found there instead. This commandline switch is obviously very useful if you do not have a working internet connection for the time being.

Writing recipes

Main article: Writing recipes

Getting the latest Compile

  • To use the development version of Compile, run
Compile Compile git
  • To use the latest stable version, run
InstallPackage Compile

In general it is recommended to always use the latest stable version of Compile. Compile is very important to GoboLinux so if there is any problem in it, it is normally fixed very quickly.