GoboLinux 017 Known Issues and Fixes

Live environment

Running Compile

Install UnionFS-Fuse to workaround limitations with the sandbox in the Live environment:

InstallPackage https://gobolinux.org/packages/017/Fuse--2.9.7--x86_64.tar.bz2
InstallPackage https://gobolinux.org/packages/017/UnionFS-Fuse--2.1--x86_64.tar.bz2

Installed system

Loopback network interface needs to be brought up. As root, run:

ifconfig lo up
echo ifconfig lo up >> /System/Settings/BootScripts/BootUp

InstallPackage searches for packages from GoboLinux 016 rather than 017

Update the search URL used by the Scripts package:

GrepReplace -B "016" "017" /System/Settings/Scripts/GetAvailable.conf

Update of Compile and Scripts tools

Compile and Scripts are always evolving. Make sure to update your copies by running the following commands after you boot into your installed system for the first time:

cd /Programs/Scripts/Current
git pull && UpdateSettings --auto Scripts && make

cd /Programs/Compile/Current
git pull && UpdateSettings --auto Compile

Dependencies files with reference to Ncurses

Ncurses has been replaced by NcursesW, but some packages’ metadata still hold references to the former. The following command fixes that:

GrepReplace -B "^Ncurses " "NcursesW " /Programs/*/*/Resources/Dependencies

Update expired SSL certificates!

The recent Let’s Encrypt fiasko requires our users to update their certificate database on the system. Otherwise tools like git, wget, Compile etc might not work correctly.

The appropriate way to resolve this, is by running:

sudo Compile --no-check-certificate Automake
sudo Compile --no-check-certificate CA-Certificates


sudo sh /System/Index/bin/update-ca-certificates


Wrong version of SQLite

The version under /Programs/SQLite/3310100 is actually 3.8.2. Please run the following commands to update to its most recent version:

Compile SQLite
RemoveProgram SQLite 3310100

Outstanding issues

Some problems have been reported by our users and are currently being fixed by our team. They are:

  • ContributePackage is not working – use ContributeRecipe instead.
  • Copy-and-paste does not work out of the box from a VM. Compiling spice-vdagent and loading its daemon should fix that.
  • Sometimes when trying to Compile an already-installed Program, the build process will fail (see Compile bug 51). Sometimes this can be worked around by first manually doing a RemoveProgram <failing program> before re-attempting to Compile it. Note that it is generally a Bad Idea™ to try to RemoveProgram, say, Python3 like this as it will break Compile.

Compile fails stating that some headers or libraries could not be found, when they are there

The installation process used by Compile had a problem in that certain extended attributes used by overlayfs were carried over from the sandbox to the installation directory. Some of those extended attributes tell overlayfs to consider the corresponding files or directories as deleted objects. Since we use overlayfs to sandbox the compilation process, this bug may impact Compile in the sense that existing files may be considered as non-existent.

If you face this problem, please run the following commands on your installed system to remove those attributes:

getfattr -P -R -d -m "$xattr_pattern" --absolute-names /Programs 2> /dev/null | while read i
   if echo "$i" | grep -q "^# file:"
      fname="$(echo "$i" | awk {'print $3'})"
   elif echo "$i" | grep -q "^${xattr_pattern}"
      xattr="$(echo "$i" | cut -d= -f1)"
      setfattr --remove "$xattr" "$fname"