GAMPS is a GoboLinux/Apache/MySql/P/SSL web serving system. This document is intended to be a step-by-step manual on setting up a MySQL database server and Apache web server with PHP/Python/Perl/SSL support in GoboLinux.


  1. First, you have to install MySQL. Fire up a console and type Compile mysql.

Once you’ve answered Compile’s initial wave of questions, you should have enough time to make yourself some coffee.

  • When the compilation has finished, you may choose a config file to use. The mysql configuration is stored in /Programs/MySQL/Settings/mysql, and the config file actually used has to be named my.cnf. The default config file is my-small.cnf. If you’re happy with this, go to the next step; otherwise choose one of the other config files and overwrite my.cnf with it.
  • Now it’s time to start the MySQL server. Do this by typing
StartTask MySQL

If the server crashes at this moment you might want to check the permissions of /Data/MySQL. Owner and group must both be mysql. You can achieve this by typing

and starting the server again.

  • The next step is to set a password for the MySQL root user. Type
mysqladmin -u root password mYNewpAsSw0rD
  • If you want to start the MySQL server automatically at boot time, type
echo 'Exec "Starting MySQL Database Server..." MySQL Start' \ >> /System/Settings/BootScripts/BootUp
  • You can test your MySQL installation by typing
mysql -u root -p

If everything worked, you’ll be prompted for a password, then taken to the MySQL monitor.

OpenSSL - Part 1


  • As usual, compiling is the first step:
Compile HTTPD
  • After compilng, Apache should be ready to start. Just type
StartTask HTTPD
  • If you want to start the Apache server automatically at boot time, type
echo 'Exec "Starting Apache Web Server..." HTTPD Start' \ >> /System/Settings/BootScripts/BootUp

OpenSSL - Part 2



  • To install Apache PHP Module, type
Compile Mod_PHP

You have to restart Apache to load the new PHP module: StopTask HTTPD then StartTask HTTPD.


Compile the module

Compile Mod_Python

Restart Apache again

StopTask HTTPD, StartTask HTTPD

If you use HTTPD 2.0.x you have to edit your httpd.conf (/Programs/HTTPD/Settings/httpd/httpd.conf) to load the Python module with Apache. Add the following line after the other LoadModule directives:

LoadModule python_module modules/ AddType application/x-python-code pyo pyc AddType text/x-python py




You’re done! All you have to do now is place your websites at /Depot/WWW/Documents