Suggestion for a less super user reliant update process

The current update process in gobolinux requires super-user privileges. This is sub-optimal.

In the following, a rough sketch of how to remedy this is proposed.

Add a gobo user/group by default

  • The primary user of the system will be added to the the gobo group during installation.
  • Add a sudoers snippet that allows members of the gobo group to run system-update related scripts with no password for convenience
  • Ensure that /Data/Compile/{Archives,Recipes,Sources} are reset to chown -Rc gobo:gobo and chmod ug+rw on each system-update related script run, possibly in a function (a script version of which should be part of the set of commands allowed to run without a sudo password for convenience).
  • Find a clever way to not clutter commands that require being run as root or gobo – possibly using functions?
    • This should make it easy to discern which commands need what privileges.