GoboLinux FAQ

The idea for this page is to collect and document various FAQs about GoboLinux, that is, frequently asked questions pertaining to the project at hand - especially when encountering problems. It is different to the mailing list in that it should be “more general”, that is, not necessarily tied to any individual person at hand (whereas on a mailing list, you usually have communication from one-to-one user that also eventually becomes forgotten or may have to be asked again at a later time).

That way if a user runs into a problem, or wants to understand this or that about GoboLinux, then this can be used as a “jumper” page to jump to the proper documentation - either within the wiki itself, or as part of a program’s –help option or elsewhere.

The old FAQ can be found here:


But keep in mind that this was written quite a long time ago; a lot of things have changed including who runs/maintains/invests time to keep GoboLinux running and so on and so forth.

The attempt for this FAQ here is to refer to the present GoboLinux - the latter is mostly to dive into history. And who knows which FAQ may be the current one in 5 years from now (2017). :)

(The following subsection is incomplete… I just wanted to get things started going for easy “setup”… please remove this sentence here and the —- once this FAQ has a few more entries answered.)

Q: How do I compile/install a program on GoboLinux?

Q: How do I uninstall a program on GoboLinux again?

Q: What is /System/Index?