Boot Script Tasks

Your boot scripts can make use of “boot tasks”, which are little service scripts that can be shipped by programs. A program includes its tasks under Resources/Tasks, and they’re linked in /System/Tasks. This is roughly equivalent to the /etc/init.d scripts found in many distributions.

You can launch or stop tasks from the command line, using StartTask and StopTask. For example, the following command will load the SSH daemon:

StartTask OpenSSH

Within boot scripts, you don’t need to use these launchers, but you have to add a parameter indicating whether the task is being started or stopped:

Exec "Initializing OpenSSH server..." OpenSSH Start

Creating tasks

Strictly speaking, a task is simply a shell script put in the appropriate directory, which accepts start and stop parameters. In this imaginary example, one could have a file /Programs/Foo/1.0/Resources/Tasks/Foo with these contents:


case "$1" in
    # actions to start foo go here
    foo --silly-walk
    # actions to stop foo go here
    killall foo

It’s a good idea to use the above example as a template for tasks you create. The [Ss] syntax ensures that both start and Start are recognized, which is nice to avoid typos.