Testing a boot theme

Fortunately you don’t have to reboot your computer to test every feature you add to your boot theme. The TestBootTheme script is your friend. Just run it passing your boot script name as a parameter:

TestBootTheme MyVeryOwnBootTheme

This will simulate a boot procedure with lots of things getting executed. Some of them will be quiet, some will echo a lot of text, some will succeed, some will fail… Just press enter when it ends up at the “login” prompt to finish. If you don’t give it a Theme name, it will output the list of available Themes from /Programs/BootScripts/Current/Themes/ instead.

Of course, this script is also useful to see how the various boot themes are, so that you can choose which one is your favorite.


Some themes may not display correctly in an Xterm/Konsole/other graphical terminal, or with a non-standard console font. It’s probably best to run TestBootTheme in the same environment you boot in!