FindPackage Searches, chooses an occurence and prints where some package (or recipe) can be found, based only on the program name (case insesitive) or on the program name and program version.

 -t [t1,t2,...]
 --types=[t1,t2,...]  Sets what kind of packages can be searched, in the
                      passed order. Valid types are:
                       local_package, official_package, contrib_package,
                       installed, recipe, tracked, all
                      Using only the first character from any of the above
                      is also valid:
                       l, o, c, i, r, t, a
                      Default types are:
                       local_package, official_package
                      Notice that when "recipe" type is used, Compile.conf is
                      read to set recipe-store locations and local recipes

 --local-dirs=[d1,..] Where to look for local binary packages. By default,
                      uses the paths defined at GetAvailable.conf.

 --force-update       Downloads required packages list even if there is a
                      local copy (cached in /Data/Variable/tmp/Scripts-jroth/cache/) newer than one hour.

 -l, --full-list      Prints all the occurences that match the passed
                      parameters, not only the "best".

 -n, --newest-on-server  Tries to sort the result set by how recently the
                      packages have been modified on the server.
                      Automatically enables '--full-list'.

 -s, --substring      Match packages whose names contains the passed substring.

 -W, --no-web         Do not try to download anything and don't lists
                      remote recipes and packages (if not explicitly listed
                      in '--types='). Overrides '--force-update' and

 --gobo-programs      Override default /Programs as path of installed packages

Examples of usage:

FindPackage kde
FindPackage kde 3.2.3
FindPackage KDE 3.2.3
FindPackage --types=recipe kde 3.2.3
FindPackage --types=local_package,official_package kde 3.2.3
FindPackage -t l,o kde 3.2.3
FindPackage --full-list kde 3.2.3
FindPackage --force-update --full-list kde 3.2.3
FindPackage --types=recipe kde-base 3.2.3
FindPackage --types=recipe --substring kd 3.2.3
FindPackage --types=installed gcc